Competitive Program

Learn about our COMPETITIVE Program (Ages 11-18+)

If you're looking to be the next game changer, our program is for you! The Factory provides classes for student athletes of all stages looking to up their game in their chosen sport and surround themselves with other like-minded individuals. Our program is designed to prepare athletes for competition. During these classes, athletes will be exposed to important training program characteristics, such as dynamic warm-ups, proper running mechanics, quickness, maximum speed, resistance running, speed ladder drills, agility training, functional strength, flexibility, proper lifting techniques, core/pillar training, plyometrics, balance training and positive reinforcement. 


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Attention Athletes!

LEVEL 1: This class is designed for any new and beginning athletes with little to no training experience who are 10yrs + older.

LEVEL 2: This class is designed for existing athletes (ages 12-16 yrs) who have 3 months training experience or more at The Factory Performance.

LEVEL 3: This class is perfect for high school and collegiate athletes with at least 1 year training experience. This includes all Elite Memberships.